Unconventional Ways to Incorporate Greenery Into Your Home Decor

Bring nature into your home with these unconventional ways to incorporate greenery into your home decor! From hanging plants to wall gardens, there are creative and unique ways to spruce up your space with refreshing and vibrant plants. Whether you’re an apartment dweller or have a house with a garden, these ideas will ensure that your home is full of life and personality, texture and ambience.

Unconventional Ways to Incorporate Greenery

Plant Walls

The most eye-catching way to incorporate greenery into your decor is with a Plant Wall. Plant Walls add a unique three-dimensional impact to a room, livening it up with natural beauty. Plus, they’re created with your choice of plants, so you can tailor them to the existing decor of your home.

You don’t need green thumbs and lots of gardening experience to create a stunning Plant Wall. It’s easy to set up a basic Plant Wall at home and the best part is you can switch out and change plants when you want. There are so many different ways to create Plant Walls and you don’t need to break the bank either, as you can find some great do-it-yourself kits online.

If you’re not sure where to begin, here are three types of Plant Walls you should consider:

  • Vertical Gardens are great for larger spaces like large walls or fences. You can hang them in any shape and add or remove plants for a fresh look.
  • Picture Frame Gardens bring the outside indoors and are perfect for rooms with limited space. Picture Frame Gardens can be mounted onto any wall and come in all shapes, sizes, and colors.
  • Hanging Gardens are versatile and look great in any room. Suspended from the ceiling, Hanging Gardens create a tranquil and relaxing atmosphere.

Depending on which type of Plant Wall you choose, you can fill it with beautiful and vibrant plants like ferns, mosses, succulents, and ivy. Not only will they look stunning and bring life to the room but they also help improve air quality, reduce stress, and increase productivity.

And while all the benefits are amazing, the best part is that you can design your Plant Wall however you want it! So why not try adding one to your home decor today?

Living Art

Living art can be an inventive way to add striking and interesting vegetation to your home. Incorporating living artwork into your decor can be as easy as re-purposing a simple terracotta pot into a vertical garden. These types of walls can be tailored to fit many different styles and add a dramatic touch to any room. With the right tools, you can even install green walls outdoors!

Another creative way to bring life to your walls is by creating an indoor hydroponic garden. By filling an empty wall space with several hydroponic planters, you can craft a unique vertical or horizontal garden full of fresh herbs, vegetables and fruits. While the concept may be intimidating at first, keep in mind that hydroponic gardening does not require soil, so can be less labor-intensive.

Finally, why not look outside the box and hang plants from the ceiling? Macramé plant hanging is becoming increasingly popular, as people are taking advantage of the great heights in their homes to showcase lusher plant varieties and trailing ivy. Some prefer to create a modern twist and hang their plants with wooden planters suspended from leather cords instead.

Living your decor dreams can come true! Before you start outfitting your home, it’s important to research the specific needs of each plant included in your design. With a little patience and an eye for detail, you can transform your home landscape into a life-filled oasis of beauty!

Vertical Gardens

Wall Planters

Vertical Gardens – Wall Planters – The convenient and unobtrusive way to incorporate greenery into your home décor.

Vertical garden wall planters are an effective and attractive way to bring the outdoors – indoors. With various sizes and designs on offer, they can be incorporated into virtually any style of home décor.

Whether you are looking to fill a large wall space or just need to bring a pop of greenery to a room, vertical gardens are the perfect option. Even in small apartments– where space is at a premium– vertical gardens create the illusion of extra room.

Vertical gardens have been labeled as “living walls” for their ability to draw the eye upward, adding a disproportionately large visual impact compared to their small footprint.

Some of the benefits of vertical planters are:

  • Aesthetically pleasing – adding color and life to your home décor.
  • Relatively low-maintenance – fewer watering and fertilizing requirements than traditional gardens.
  • Creates a sense of calm – providing a calming and relaxing addition to your home environment.

Vertical gardens are a great way to add greenery to your home without taking up valuable floor space. Plus, they’re so beautiful, you’ll hardly notice they are there!

Cost Time to Install
Low – medium 2-3 hours

Hanging Planters

Vertical gardens – Hanging planters Have you ever thought that your walls could become a living space? This is what vertical gardens and hanging planters offer. Ideal for those who don’t have much space or who want to create an unexpected and gorgeous green decoration. With different designs, from modern to vintage-looking, you can choose the one that best beautifully matches the style of your home. Plus, regular plants don’t need much specialized maintenance – just simple watering, trimming and care.

Hanging planters can be set up in any room that has been filled with plants and pots – even on a balcony, if your city/state regulations allow it. All you need is a support structure, such as a wall, fence, trellis or pergola. Choose the plants you want and the planters you love, and hang them up. If you’re feeling creative, you can opt for a self-built hanging planter or choose an already available vertical garden system.

Benefits include:

  • Unlimited options for setting up – mix and match different types of planters, sizes and shapes.
  • Creates a beautiful vertical feature in your home.
  • Consumes little space, perfect for smaller homes.
  • Improves air quality.
  • Adds charm & ambience.

Hanging planters are becoming a popular way to add greenery to your home with minimal effort.

To get started, here is the basic shopping list: hanging planters, irrigation kit / droppers, fertilizer and drainage material (optional). Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience with vertical gardening, You can easily find DIY tutorials online. It’s a great way to introduce greenery into our homes that can be enjoyed for months and for years.

Green Walls

Vertical Gardens – Green Walls
Creating an eye-catching vertical garden is one of the most unconventional and exciting ways to incorporate greenery into your home decor. A green wall is like a living mural that adds colour, texture and life to any space. From herb gardens in the kitchen, to elegant sculptures in the living room, it can be a powerful way to transform your interior.

There are many different ways to create a vertical garden. Walls lined with shelves and planters, or hydroponic systems where plants are grown in nutrient-rich water, are ideal for beginner gardeners. Professionals may opt for a custom-made green wall structure, with built-in irrigation systems that allow plants to thrive with minimal care. Whatever system you choose, there are some key things to consider when setting up a vertical garden:

  • Lighting – Make sure the wall receives enough light to sustain the health of your plants. Some species might require artificial lighting for more light-demanding plants.
  • Humidity – Check the wall does not accumulate too much moisture.
  • Air circulation – Make sure air circulates around the plants, either naturally or through fans.

With the right setup and maintenance, green walls can make a lasting contribution to your home decor. Plus, they can provide you with a bounty of fresh herbs and vegetables. So why not take the opportunity today to think a little outside the box and bring nature indoors!

Decor Accessories

Floral Containers

When it comes to incorporating greenery into your home, there’s so much more to do than just buying plants. Sure, those leafy plants, trailing vines and potted flowers are beautiful, but why not think outside the pot and go for something a bit more unconventional?

By repurposing and transforming everyday items into eye-catching flower containers, you can instantly add whimsy and style to your home decor. To get you inspired, here are six creative ways to display your floral arrangements:

1. Bottles & Jars

Old glass bottles, jars or even tin cans are great makeshift containers. Line them up along the counter or arrange them on an empty shelf — the possibilities are endless. If you’d like, you can further customize these with tints of colour using spray paint or glitter.

2. Vintage Tea Cups

Treat yourself to a unique display of flowers by using vintage tea cups. For an old-world charm, you can even combine mismatched teacups and teapots to create a floral masterpiece.

3. Mason Jars

Easy to find and low-cost, Mason jars are perfect for carrying small plants or simply just arranging cut flowers in a stylish way. You can even jazz them up by painting them or tying curly ribbons around the mouth of the jar.

4. Floating Bowls or Dishes

For a modern look, opt for glass dishes or bowls that appear to be suspended in midair. Drilling a hole into the wall and suspending the dish in the center of the hole is a simple and fast way to enjoy this creative decoration.

5. Picture Frames

Show your creative side by using picture frames for flower displays. Try removing its backing and glass, and then place a flat container filled with water inside instead. Finish off by adding in some colourful underwater plants.

6. Reclaimed Wood Planks

Instantly add character to your home with a rustic wooden plank. Simply attach flower vases or pots to the wooden board with wire or rope, and finish it off with some lush greenery. You can display these planks just about anywhere – either on a wall or against a table.

And there you have it – six unconventional ways to decorate your home with greenery that’s sure to turn your house into a beautiful oasis of its own. With these tips in mind, think of other everyday items you can repurpose and transform into interesting flowerholders that will add charm to your living space.

Greenery Art or Wall Murals

Home decor has come a long way from the traditional choices that line most store shelves. Now, homeowners are finding creative and unconventional ways to spruce up their spaces with greenery. One of the most popular new trends is incorporating art and wall murals featuring plants and flowers into your decor.

If you’re looking to add some green to your home, look no further. We’ve rounded up a few creative ways you can incorporate greenery art and wall murals into your home decor.

  • Choose a Bold Statement Piece: If you want to make a big impact, you will want to look for an extra large mural featuring a vibrant, highly-detailed image of greenery. This type of wall art is sure to make a statement, and can quickly change the feel of a room.
  • Make a Feature Wall: For subtle greenery, create a feature wall by adding several smaller pieces of art featuring plants or flowers. This type of wall art is great for creating a tranquil atmosphere and can be used to cover up imperfections or enhance a boring space.
  • Incorporate Framed Art: Another great way to incorporate greenery into your home decor is with framed artwork. Pieces featuring detailed plant illustrations or photographs can add color and texture to any room. You can even get creative and mix and match different styles and sizes.
  • Experiment with Colors: If you’re looking to add some vibrancy to your home, experiment with pieces of greenery art featuring bold colors. Greenery wall murals in yellow, blue and red can really liven up a space, while those featuring softer hues like grey, white and beige can add a sense of tranquility.

Greenery art and wall murals are an easy way to make a big impact in any room. They’re versatile, come in different sizes and styles and can be used in many different ways. Whether you’re looking for a bold statement piece or something more subtle, adding greenery art or wall murals to your home décor is sure to elevate it to the next level.

Functional Design

Built-in Shelving for Plants

Ready to elevate your home décor with a touch of greenery? If you’re one of those people who don’t want to clutter up their space, then think about using built-in shelving to display your plants. It’s a great way to make a statement without taking up your valuable real estate.

Let’s explore some of the benefits that come with this functional design. First and foremost, it gives you a whole lot of flexibility. You can customize the shelves to fit the size of your space and to suit your plant’s individual needs. That way, you can control the amount of light, water and air each plant receives. In addition, built-in shelving makes it easy to group complementary plants together as well as keep pots off the floor.

In terms of décor, built-in shelving adds a contemporary and chic touch. You can opt for custom shelving made of wood or glass, or have shelves built into the walls and corners of your home. This means that you’ll get all the beauty of a plant wall without having to commit, since you can change up your plants with the seasons.

When it comes to cost, a custom-built shelving system is generally more expensive than purchasing prefabricated shelves. But if you hire a professional, you can rest assured that your shelves will last for years with proper maintenance. In addition, custom shelving systems can add resale value to your home it’s always a bonus when you invest in quality!

Finally, built-in shelving is perfect for those who don’t want to be burdened with year-round maintenance. Just water your plants when needed and prune them appropriately – the rest is taken care of by Mother Nature.

So if you’re looking for a way to incorporate greenery into your home décor in an unconventional way, consider having built-in shelving! With some creative thinking and a few tools, you’re sure to have a unique beauty that you can enjoy for years to come.

Kitchen Herb Garden

As any home-cook knows, freshly-grown herbs take any dish to the next level. That’s why many people are now looking for creative and unconventional ways to incorporate greenery into their abodes. One great idea is a kitchen herb garden. Nowadays, there are plenty of both indoor and outdoor solutions that make herb-growing much easier than before.

An indoor herb garden is great for those who don’t have access to outdoor space. There are a few ways to make it work. Vertical wall planters are one great solution – they offer a space-saving way of decorating your kitchen while growing your favourite herbs. You can also use hanging planters on window sills as they provide plenty of sunlight. If you still can’t make it work, window boxes can be placed on the kitchen windows and are easily accessible for daily harvesting.

For those with access to the outdoors, balcony or backyard herb gardens are a great way to bring life to your cooking and your decor. Planting herbs in terracotta planters is a popular option, although you can be as creative as you want with different containers or walls. You can even add a trellis as a feature and grow some of your favourite herbs up it.

The table below summarises the different options. Have a look and find out which one works best for your cooking needs:

Location Options
  • Vertical wall planters
  • Hanging planters
  • Window boxes
  • Terracotta planters
  • Different containers
  • Trellis

With one of these functional designs, you can bring a touch of nature – and flavour – to your kitchen decor!

Geometric Wall Garden

Who said you have to limit your home décor to conventional notions of interior design? Incorporating plants into your home is one of the best ways to make your living space come to life. But why not take it a step further and combine your plants with some unconventional décor? A geometric wall garden is the perfect way to do that! It’s an easy project that requires minimal effort, and it will take your home décor to the next level.

A geometric wall garden is exactly what its name implies – a living wall of plants in a geometric shape. It’s the perfect way to integrate greens into your home without making it feel like an indoor jungle. You can choose from a variety of plants, from succulents and ferns to herbs and even trailing ivies. Choosing plants of different sizes and colors adds more life and texture to the garden.

Once again, you can get creative with the design of your wall garden. You can create a regular grid-style pattern, or opt for something more abstract with curved lines. Aesthetically pleasing and practical, you can even choose to add shelves at strategic points in your wall planter. A three-dimensional frame allows you to store items such as keys or small items while still keeping the garden look intact.

Finally, introducing some lights into the mix can work wonders for your garden. Uplighting from below has a great effect on succulents, for example. It adds dimension and brightness to the wall planter and can make even the plainest one look stunning.

So if you’re looking for an unconventional way to bring greenery into your home, why not try a geometric wall garden? It’s a fun way to make your living space more vibrant, as well as practical and aesthetically pleasing. Give it a try and you won’t be disappointed.

Creative Furniture

Planter Benches

If you’re looking for an unconventional and creative way to add some greenery to your home decor, plant benches can be a great choice! Plant benches are an excellent way to combine furniture and foliage. They provide a great statement piece and are a very attractive addition to any home design. Not to mention, they’re a great conversation starter!

The key to success with plant benches is finding the perfect balance. Too many plants can overwhelm a space, while too few plants leave the piece looking incomplete. Consider the shape, size and style of the bench to determine the best amount of plants. Positioning is key too. Is it a background or a focal point? Each of these factors will come into play as you determine the best type and placement of plants.

It’s also important to consider how much maintenance is involved in caring for the plants. Some varieties, like succulents, don’t require much attention, while others, like ferns and flowering plants, may require regular watering and misting. Make sure the plants you use are suitable for the climate and your lifestyle.

Looking to bring some rustic charm into your home decor? Plant benches can be a great way to achieve this look!

Overall, plant benches are a great way to incorporate some greenery into your home decor. They create a unique and eye-catching statement piece that can easily be integrated into any existing decor. With a bit of creativity and effort, you’ll have a beautiful piece of furniture that adds life and colour to your space!

Advantages of Plant Benches
Attractive and eye-catching
Excellent conversation starter
Versatile and durable
Easy to care for

Ottoman Planters

Adding greenery to your home decor can make a huge difference in the overall atmosphere. The challenge is finding ways to incorporate plants that are both practical and aesthetically pleasing.With this in mind, why not consider adding an ottoman planter to your home? Ottoman planters are a great way to add greenery in an unconventional way, as they double up as extra seating as well.

Ottoman planters come in various colours, styles, and materials. You could opt for a lush velvet finish for a stylish living room, or a bright pop of colour for an eclectic vibe. Whether it’s indoors or out, these creative furniture pieces elevate the look and atmosphere of a home in an unexpectedly fun way.

You can also choose from a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate your living space. An Ottoman Planter Round could be both a compact and eye-catching addition to a small balcony, or even a large terrace. But if you’re looking for something more on the larger side, consider an Ottoman Planter Box. Whether you decide on cedar or teak, this piece provides the perfect perch for your plants while adding a sturdy surface to rest items on.

Finally, if you need extra inspiration for different ways to display your ottoman planter, simply look to the experts. Plant styling professionals will tell you that arranging multiple planters in a group looks best, as it allows you to play around with various sizes and shapes to create a unique look you’ll love.

By adding an ottoman planter to your home decor, you can enjoy a creative and stylish way to incorporate plants into your space.

If you’re looking for some fun and unconventional ways to add greenery to your home decor, consider investing in an ottoman planter!

Bring Nature Into Your Home Decor in Fun, Unconventional Ways

Adding plants and greenery to your home decor doesn’t have to be a boring and predictable ordeal. There are plenty of creative and exciting ways to embrace nature and bring a little bit of the outdoors indoors. From an outdoor-inspired wallpaper border to a living wall, you can find many unexpected and unconventional ways to incorporate greenery into your home decor. Imagine the possibilities, and get ready to bring a little bit of the outdoors inside!

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