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Address: Jiangsu Haian County town industrial concentration area
Zip code: 226631
Telephone: 0513-88283518
Mobile phone: 13773680666
Fax: 0513-88286968


Leveling machine

Performance characteristic:
leveling machine is special equipment for metal plate, leveling cold roll plate and the flat plate ( carbon plate, stainless ...

QC11YSeries hydraulic guillotine shears

all steel welded structure, integrated treatment (VSR, heat treatmen...

WC67Yhydraulic plate bending machine

Performance characteristic:
steel welded construction, vibration to eliminate stress, with high strength, good rigidity of.
hydraulic transmission, st...

WC67Kseries CNC bending machine

host selection of WC67Y series of bending machines;

Hydraulic Three Roller Symmetrical Bending Machine

Properties and ch...

Typical four-column universal hydraulic press

this series hydraulic machine mainframe and control system two parts. The mainframe includes the body of machine, main cylinder, lifting cylind...

QC12KSeries CNC hydraulic swing beam shear
Performance and characteristics of hydraulic transmission, tilting tool:
. Rack overall welding hard times and durable, the use of nitrogen cylinder return,...
QC12Yseries deep-glottis shears

      QC12Y series deep-glottis shears, can be cut from 1 to20mm plate, are infinitely long shear, cutting speed, cutting precise size, i...

QH11D series of precision shearing machine

Performance and characteristics of :

Q11Series electric shears

this machine adopts unilateral open transmission, beautiful appearance, compact structure, simple operation, safe and reliable. Widely used in ...

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Company address:Jiangsu province Haian County town of the western suburbs  Postal code:226631
Contact telephone number:0086-0513-88283518 88280666 Fax number:0086-0513-88286968 Hotline:400-611-3518
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